Glosair 400#
for use in GLOSAIR 400’s Automated Area Decontamination systems

Ready to use, OXY’PHARM’s biocidal disinfectant is packaged in cartridges, ready for insertion in GLOSAIR 400’s Automated Area Decontamination systems. The disinfectant is delivered as a mist of hydrogen peroxide and silver cations. Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing agent which kills microorganisms via the hydroxyl free radical. Silver cations inactivate microorganisms by inhibition of protein synthesis.

• 5%–6% hydrogen peroxide solution
• Biodegradable and noncorrosive
• Sealed canisters eliminate direct contact with disinfectant

For use with GLOSAI 400 system

Oxypharm Varenummer GLOSAIR


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