Opens the door with its advanced driving force

Asahi Tornus catheter is a favorite among CTO operators for crossing resistant lesions that cannot be crossed with a balloon dilation catheter. Its braided wire design and spiral-shaped tip can be screwed into occlusions, which helps pull the catheter forward without pushing it. it is best to have CTO tools pull their way across lesions instead of being pushed, which may cause vessel damage. Tornus uses a braided stainless steel design for greater support and pushability, as well as flexibility for tortuous anatomy.
  • Braided Stainless Steel Catheterfor outstanding support and pushability
  • 1mm Distal Radiopaque Markerfor easy visualization of the distal tip
  • Tapered Tipdesigned to facilitate access to challenging lesions

Asahi Tornus Tipp Tip design; 2,6 Fr. -  Provides extra support and pushability for challenging lesions


Tip design; 2,1 Fr. - Offers greater flexibility for tortous anatomy

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