Non-Occlusive Remodeling Net

Cascade is the first-and-only device providing continuous blood flow during cerebral aneurysm repair, designed to address the risk of coil entanglement.

The Cascade is a non-occlusive fully retrievable neck-bridging support device designed to provide temporary support during coil embolization of intracranial aneurysms. The device received CE mark in late 2018. The Cascade is constructed from 42 braided nitinol and platinum wires that form a compliant net-like structure. The platinum wires enable good visualisation of the device. A short, flexible distal wire, and radio-opaque markers are positioned at the proximal and distal ends of the braided parts of the device. The original devices can be delivered through a 0.021-in. microcatheter and are available in two diameter sizes with the Cascade M recommended for vessel diameters of 2-4 mm and the Cascade L recommended for vessels 4-6 mm in diameter. The Agile models are shorter versions of the M and L devices. More recently, a smaller model - Cascade-17, compatible with 0.017-in. microcatheters was added, thus a total of five models are available.

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